miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

A New DVD!

I was so busy in the month of April that I barely had a chance to sleep.
I will blog about it andpost photos of my travels and what I been up too
very soon. So in the next few blogs I will  talk more about that.

Today I just wanted to let you know that my latest DVD is already for sale in my website. That kept me busy too! For all those friends that wanted a DVD with smaller flowers, here it is! 
"Blooms and Vines"

DVD Blooms and Vines by Edna De la Cruz

This DVD includes Hydrangeas, Blossoms, Simple blossoms and an Ivy Vine. The Hydrangeas and Blossoms I explain how to make them with cutters and with no cutters. I explain how to make all these flowers and vines and how to color them and how to arrange them.

Gumpaste Hydrangeas

For the Hydrangeas I teach how to do with cutters and veiners and without them. Then you will learn  a simple way to color it or how to add different colors to the flower for a more bold look. Plus you will learn how to make the leaves and put the whole flower together.

Gumpaste Blossoms

The Blossoms is a gorgeous flower. I teach how to make it with cutters and with no cutters. Then I explain how to do a simple bud and a bigger bud. Finally we do leaves, dust the flowers, the buds and
the leaves and put them together in a branch. Blossoms are used a lot these days in wedding cakes. And they for sure attract a lot of attention.

Gumpaste Ivy leaf Vines.

The Ivy vine is a great leaf filler. I teach how to make the leaf,  color it
and how to put the vine together.

The Simple blossom is the easiest filler flower you will ever make. 
You don't need no cutter at all for this flower. Looks great in any arrangement. 
It can be done in all colors and they are fast to make.

This DVD is 169 minutes long. For more information on the tools used in this
tutorial, click here.

See you next time, Ta ta!!
Edna :)