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Ideas for Stargazer Lilies

Hope you had a great New Year day! As I promised, here are some photos 
of Stargazer Lilies on some cakes that I have done through the years. 
This first photo shows what a typical Stargazer Lily looks like. But some 
brides like to bring the colors of their weddings in the color of the flowers
 that they want on the cake.
Gumpaste Stargazer Lily

The first time I ever attempted to do a Stargazer Lily, the Bride
wanted to have it in a purple tone. I thought it might be different
and pretty, plus I was so ready to try one of these flowers.

Gumpaste stargazer lily

If you notice, the center was not done right. I was studying a
photo and confused a natural coloration on the flower, for what
I thought it was part of the flower. But I did learn from this.
Still, I fell in love with the flower.

 The brides loved the look of the cake and it was sold constantly.
Stargazer Lilies in fantasy colors can be just as beautiful as the real ones.

Finally, one day, a bride decided she wanted a navy blue
Stargazer Lily. Imagine how difficult the task was. If I do the whole 
flower in navy blue, I would loose all the beautiful details of the flower. 
Plus, it would not look as delicate. Keep in mind, this is a big flower!

So finally, I decided to do the flower in white, add some blue petal dust, 
and then do the dots in blue. The final result was a lot better than I expected.

Blue gumpaste Stargazer Lily

Wedding cake with blue Stargazer lilies and other gumpaste flowers.

Here is another style. Airbrushed colors. 

Wedding Cake finished with airbrushed Stargazer lilies.

And here is one done in Christmas season. In this cake I used pre-bought
stargazer lilies.

Wedding Cake with white Stargazer lilies

 So here you have it, a few cakes done with stargazer lilies. Some
in the same style but with different colors of the same type of  flower. 
There are so many designs where you can use Stargazer Lilies on cakes.
The flower is pretty easy to learn and a great way to get started 
learning gumpaste flowers. 

Until the next post...ta ta!
Edna :)

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  1. Beautiful Lilies Edna! The fantasy colors really do look great on lilies. Thanks for posting such lovely work!

  2. Your lilies are exquisite!!! You seem to know the right color combination for your creations also!! I love the background layout that you chose too!!

  3. Hi Edna
    Love being at your site....visual appeal is beautiful. Greetings to you from Botswana.

  4. Thanks!..We always love to hear from friends around the world!...Such a great pleasure!
    Edna :)

  5. Are these lilies silk or are they done with Royal icing???

  6. sorry i know this is an old post but what sizes is the navy blue stargazer cake? i just want to know because i want to create a stacked cake