Sunday, January 10, 2010

Working with edible glue.

A lot of people ask me all the time about Edible glue.
So here is some information on it. Edible Glue is basically
used to glue Fondant, Gumpaste, or pastillaje.

Is it right to use water as glue? The answer is yes. Certain
details can be glued with a brush and water, but you have to
keep in mind that water is not alcohol based, so it doesnt
dry as fast. If you put too much, you will have a real
slippery mess.

So, the question is how much is needed? Think about when you
clean a table with a moist towel. That's about how much water is
needed. Small details like stripes, dots and other things like that
will be fine to glue with water.

Another glue that is very common is your basic extracts.
Extracts are alcohol based, so it gives you moisture, but
it will dry more than water will.

Next we go to Edible Glue with a little bit of more substance.
Why would you need it? Maybe a heavier piece, or a more
intricate detail. For example a small swag on a cake or some
fondant swirls. And this type of glue is used for making
gumpaste flowers as well.

For Edible Glue I start by breaking small pieces of
gumpaste into warm water, and letting them dissolve
for 15 minutes. You can decide how thick you want
your gumpaste to be by how much gumpaste you
add to the water. Or if it's too thick, just add more

The other type of glue is based on Tylose powder.
For this, you can take a 1/2 cup of hot water and
add 1/4 teaspoon of tylose to the water. Stirr it well
to dissolve and allow to cool. Stirr often while it cools

Both of these you can store in an airtight container, like a
small tupperware or a baby food jar. For a longer
shelf life store them in the refirgerator. They can last
from 30 to up to 60 days.

Some people will use eggwhites for gumpaste flowers as
a glue. But if you are not comfortable with raw eggwhites,
just know you have other options.

Hope this helps!
Until next blog..tata!
Edna :)

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  1. Thanks Edna for the information on different types of glue. I recently tried your tylose w/ water and wow it makes great glue! I used it on some gumpaste roses. My glue started thickening so I added back more water and tadaaaa it made more glue w/out adding more tylose. I used your advice and put it in a small glass jar w/ lid.