miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

How to color Red Fondant/Gumpaste

How to Color Red Fondant or Gumpaste

This tutorial is for those beginners who never have colored fondant 
or gumpaste. I have gotten many emails from beginners wondering why their
 fondant/gumpaste is not reaching the desired color. In this tutorial, I explain 
how to color white gumpaste in a deep shade of red. But keep in mind that this 
works with any dark color you need.

No matter if you are using fondant or gumpaste, you
can follow the same steps. If your fondant gets too 
soft, you can always let it rest for a few days. 
If you need it in a hurry, I sometimes add more 
sugar and at times I have added some Tylose 
to it. It's a matter a preference.
I used Chefmaster color because their pigment is very strong. I love Americolor 
too, but I have find out through experience, that Chefmaster red can get to a 
deeper red. Never be scared of adding color to your fondant and keep in mind,
 fondant and gumpaste  are dry, get to be a bit lighter in color. 
 Click here or in the photo to watch the tutorial.

Until Next Blog...tata!!
Edna :)

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  1. I always enjoy your tutorials, Edna. You make them all so fun. Having a simple tutorial like this one always makes a terrific REMINDER how to do it easy. So keep it up! I certainly appreciate it.
    Smilin' Sher

  2. Hi Edna. i enjoy watching your tutorial. i'm so amaze with all your cake decoration. its so beautiful. You know ask my sister in LA to send me copy your DVD and the CAke Central magazine. I really love to bake cake and decorate. Since I only started to learn baking, i really love to do it. It became my passion. I really wanted to learn everything. Can I ask for a best recipe for white cup? God Bless.


  3. There is a really simple recipe in my website that you might like to try. I need to sir down and write more, haven had the chance.

  4. Dear Edna, is a fan of yours I love that I found your blog, congratulations for everything you're a true artist. With love Silvia Romania