sábado, 19 de junio de 2010

Cake Contest!

I have decided  to do a cake contest for all my friends around the world. The theme will be "Summer Sensations". Basically anything that has to do with summer is acceptable. Vacations, beach, Summer holidays, Out of school. Let your imagination roll!

Here are the rules for this contest. READ THEM WELL
  • The cake should be 2 tiers. No more or less. 2 tiers.
  • Photos submitted must be of your work.
  • Photos must be of the theme of the contest.
  • No adult themed cakes
  • Limit one entry per person
  • Internationals can participate
  • Only one cake per person, up to 2 photos. I will decide best photo if you send 2
  • Photo have to be submitted before the end date of the contest to designmeacake@hotmail.com
  • No names or watermarks on the photos will be aloud.
  • Real cake should be used in making the cake. No dummies.
The photos have to be send to designmeacake@hotmail.com
This email is only for photos, is not for answering questions, so please only photos for this email. Don't post the photos directly in my page. They need to be submitted by email only. If you do so,
the photo will be disqualified.

I will post the photos in Facebook on a Contest Album where everyone can comment on the photos. No names can be mention in the comments of who made the cake. This can get the photo disqualified. Make sure you send your photos no later than July 31, 2010. That's the deadline for the
photos to be entered. Anything sent after that, wont be posted as part of the contest.

There will be 2 levels. One for Beginners and one for Intermediate to advanced. When you send the photos, send your name location and level of skill. Write the months and years you been
decorating and if this is a hobby or you do this for a living.

There will be 1 price for Beginner and one prize for Intermediate.The prize will consist in a $20.00 gift certificate towards a web store purchase or your choice of one DVD from,

The winner will be announced August, 2010. So start  working on those cakes!

I will send reminders in my
Facebook page.

Don't miss on the fun and join this contest!

Until next blog, ta ta!
Edna :)

21 comentarios:

  1. Is the dvd for both Intermediate winners and beginners , I am a beginner ? You can see my 5 cakes here http://bowdens-world.blogspot.com/ am working on my 6th one today /tomarrow for fathers dday ,it would be great fro a professional such as your self to lok at my cakes and tell me waht you think Thank you so much

  2. Wow this sounds fun! I have two cakes to do for friends between now and then...hopefully I can make room! If your two tier cake is carved does that count? Or does it need to be a traditional tiered cake? Thanks!


  4. It can be carved as long as is a 2 tiered cake Evie.

    The choice for either a DVD or $20.00 to spend at my shop is for beginner winner and intermediate too. So you can have a choice on what you want.

  5. this is great, if i have time i will participate, internationals wins the price too? kisses Andreia

  6. I was going to do a bottom tier with a carved piece on top. Does the carved piece count as a tier or should I put a 2nd tier & then carved piece on top? Thanks so much! Very excited to make my cake!

  7. Debbi Kruger South Africa23 de junio de 2010, 14:46

    What is the theme, don't think I am at a level to enter a competition still very beginner!

  8. Edna, I am very excited to enter your contest. I love all your work and you inspire me. Thank you Garnercl

  9. Beginners are welcome. The theme is anything that has to do with summer.

  10. OMG! I just saw this! Ok, I will see if I can make anything that is good enough for this! Are we to make only photo of the outside or also cut it and show the inside?

  11. Just the outside, it's about the decoration!

  12. I will try my best to enter the cake contest! I will be away for a week, but when I get back I will make the cake! thanks for this opportunity Edna.

  13. I'm so excited! Maby I didn't read so wel, but where can I find the contes photo's on facebook?

    Can't wait to see the other cakes!
    Have a nice day!

  14. The photos are posted in my website! Look under the Galleries!

  15. What a beautiful blog you have.

    Would it be too rude to plug my cake contest here?

    Kindest regards


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